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i miss you fapply! - [[you're such a wonderful person living a fabulous life *]] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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i miss you fapply! [Oct. 27th, 2003|08:59 pm]
there is a star *
[Current Mood |sadsad]
[Current Music |Nina's Poem]

I just talked to my faps for like two seconds and I just realized how much I miss her! She has to be one of the sweetest most genuine girls I've ever met. She's incredibly smart, funny and sweet and I cant honestly say she's on of the people I miss the most from highschool. Love you! *muah*

(Faps and I) That would be senior cruise when my hair had red streaks. I should get that again...

Carol, Moi and Faps...

I found out yesterday that one of my dear friends passed away in Iraq a while back. His family hadn't heart from him since like October 2nd and some people just came by and told them that he passed away. This guy and I would always play a game we invited. Whenever we would see eachother in the hallways whoever said hi first would win. It was the damn best game ever and he was incredibly good at it too. RIP Steven. You'll be so missed...WE LOVE YOU!

From: (Anonymous)
2003-10-29 09:24 pm (UTC)


faps!!! I MISS YOU TOOO!!!!!! JAYSUS. come visit me soon ok?? I totally miss our gossiping and i look at our pic on the wall like everyday (haha that sounds weird) take care & i LUV YOU LOTS!!!
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[User Picture]From: antologia
2003-10-30 12:23 am (UTC)


awww fapply *muah* we'll kick it soon love you!
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